Class incident changed his life

After the generations of superman, fantastic four and Spider man, a new hero was born in Maple Island, his name is Gary. In his way of explanation, his superpowers came from the day they had a science class experiment. Through out the interview, he also demonstrated his amazing powers. Although he doesn't have very good control over his power, he has the power of invisibility, flight and the power to go through objects.

Even though Gary has these superpowers, he doesn't appreciate them all because he can't go around anywhere without exposing his superpowers. Also a big problem is that he cannot control the power, it brings out destruction wherever he goes, which is a obstacle for him because he can't go anywhere near his school.

Gary has been kept home ever since, everyone is scared to go around him. He has called the scientists for help to treat his weird superpowers, but it didn't turn out as good as he though it would, unfortunately, his superpowers are unrecognized to this world. All the scientist has suggested Gary to find his place in the world, but Gary is hopeless, he has no ability to become anyone, he has tried to become a superhero, but at last he is far away from becoming a superhero. 

Gary continues to find his place in the world, but if anyone can tell him please contact immediately to