Gourd With Star Attitude


The brand new movie 'The secret of the Magic Gourd' is a big hit in Disney movies(in 2007). Over 20,000 people who watched this movie said it was great, about 4/7 of the viewers chose to watch this movie instead of the other ones. Most viewers recommend this movie for all ages, it's also good to let your parents come watch it with you, sometimes this movie can be a great helper to widen everyone's imagination spaces, even adults could use a fine imagination space. 

The movie talks about a high school student named Ramond, who is too lazy to do anything to improve him self, and one day, when he went fishing, he found a magic gourd, so his 'happy' life begins. Unfortunately he discovered the magic gourd was not so smart, he always manage to somehow mess up every wish Romand wishes for. Which leads Romand through a series of events to teach him a lesson.

Although this movie is based on to teach kids about the true meaning of work, it still has a style of funny and surprising view. This movie has won Huabiao Film Award, but has unfortunately being dominated for hundred flowers award.
The starring for this movie is Drake Johnston, Takayo Fischer, Corbin Bleu and Grace Fulton, the movie is created by Centro and  China Movie Co Ltd and Disney. Other movies made by Disney are Mars Needs Moms, Beverly Hills Chihuahua,  Alice In Wonderland, Toy Story 3, Tangled and etc. 

Teens Over Worried About Body Image


As most popular magazines, TV shows and fashion stores develop, more and more teens gets addicted to the way they look, especially when someone wants to be popular, the centre of attentions and follow the way how the models on TV looks. 

Sometimes, these messages can be deadly, for example, a teenage boy wants to train him self to 8 packs, but eventually, he over trains and 'bust', experts say, "be careful with your body, you only have one, one that you can't buy." 

People now might have taken aware of this situation, but there are still people out there who is trying to follow their life long dream. Parents now may not notice it, but unfortunately, teens doesn't care either.

From the conference with their parents, we discovered not a lot of them found out that their child is dieting or over training. However, the experts say that this action can be stopped, in needing of assistance from their guardians. The solution is thought, teens might wants to be strong or beautiful, but that's just a thought, all that's needed is to make them believe in that they are beautiful instead to be the ones they want to follow.

For more advice, check out http://kidshealth.org/teen/your_mind/body_image/body_image.html.