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Aggressive Government Cancelled Citizen Movement

  Citizens of New Leaf city are getting frustrated about not being able to move out of the country, ever since June 5th of 2007, the government of New Leaf city has given out a new law, which attracted many citizens disagreement.

Governments of New Leaf City also shut down all of the network station, radio station, in case any of the words got on to the news. Many citizens tried to protest, but none actually succeeded.

Most protesters have been captured or detained, further informations are with the reporters who interviewed the government. Even though reporters have booked time with the government, they denied most requests, and they disagree with all the 'stories'.

Some citizens explained that the government is to scared to let anyone know about their top secret information, so they kept them in the city. For more information, please contact:

                                                                                                                                           There are still rumours about the continuous cruel actions made by the New Leaf city                                            government, according to record, the military officials has questioned the Prime minister of Maple Island, but there are no any respond from him, neither has he took any action. No further contacts were made after the Military starts to detain and capture protesters and 'transmitters'.

The Military also played a important part in this 'devastation', to ensure all citizens cannot leave the country, they have shut down all the airports, train stations and any transportation vehicles

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